TAIGA: Issue A

6 Jun

Last week, I got the second issue of TAIGA in the mail. Edited by Mike Seall and Brooklyn Copeland, TAIGA is back after a longish (but “necessary,” we’re assured) hiatus.

The entire issue rocks, but what has me writing today is the longish poem by Erica Lewis and Dan Thomas-Glass titled “cell and refract: responses to camera obscura by erica lewis.” Check out this excerpt:
      the limits of sentimental expression
      shifting from one position to another
      sometimes we wake up
                  invited but distant
                                   just a person centered by circles
      the real space smells like ashes
                                   ceremony        or        circumstance
      all the colors
                                           are too bright to be real
Limited print run of 100, and right now, you can get the entire issue for only five bucks.

One Response to “TAIGA: Issue A”

  1. kmwinkler June 6, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    Very cool. This looks like a must have.

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