Help Big Car get $25k

1 Jun

Some of you might know that Vouched is partnered with Big Car Art Collective here in Indy, that in fact, many elements of Vouched wouldn’t really exist without Big Car’s help. They’ve given me a really excellent, high-traffic location to have my book table every month during First Fridays, and they graciously provide their gallery space to hold my Vouched Presents readings. Big Car believes in Vouched, in the small press community.

But, I want all of you to know this, because I want all of you to help them.

As part of the Big Car collective, we are trying to win a Pepsi Refresh grant that would go to sustain our new community space, Service Center, on the west side of Indy–an area that craves and needs a space like this. Here’s a video about the space:

If you would be so kind, spread the word on your blogs, on facebook, on twitter. Service Center is more than just a community center in Indy. Through its partnership with Vouched, it extends beyond Indy to every writer and publisher and reader who has ever benefited in some way from our work here at Vouched.

And please, please, please vote for Service Center. Vote by texting 106734 to Pepsi (73774). Vote at your home computer, your work computer, your school computer, every computer you can think to vote on. Vote everyday, as many times and in as many ways as you’ve available to you. Vote.

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