SSM: “Invisible Girlfriend” by Chad Redden

29 May

It seems I’m enamored with these stories of relationships maintained through the use of notes, of relationships in different dimensions, of relationships. For awhile, Britt and I left post-it notes around the house for each other, reminding each other why we like the other. I keep a few of hers above my desk where I don’t really write anymore. I don’t really write at my desk anymore. Our office is cluttered space. I can’t concentrate.

This morning, Britt made the best chocolate chip pancakes I’ve ever had in my life. I ate them. I swallowed them down. I put on shorts and gloves and shoes and went outside. I pulled weeds for hours. I mowed the lawn. I sprayed weed killer on weeds growing up through cracks in our driveway. It’s amazing how resilient weeds can be. It’s amazing how resilient we can be.

She’s turned invisible and leaves a trail of post it notes telling me that she is in the room with me. OVER HERE. Maybe she is not invisible. Maybe she is five minutes ahead of me.PICK UP MORE CAT FOOD. Or maybe I am five minutes behind her. She wrote a note in kitchen above the sink. It read HERE I AM. I spread out my hands and tried to find her, but the air was empty.

Read the full story at DOGZPLOT.

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