SSM: “The Hamburger Story” by Lauren Becker

28 May

Came across Jason over at Bark, the blog entity for Willow Springs, talking about this story from Lauren Becker, especially in the sense of how fun it is to read.

A couple months ago, I read at a really great reading in Chicago put on by PANK. So many good friends there: Roxane Gay, Sarah Rose Etter, Tadd Adcox, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Jessica Dyer, to name a few. I got saucy. People kept buying me drinks. I got loud on bourbon. I started getting a couple dirty looks. I started loudly declaring, “Poetry is serious business!” to all those around me. I wrote it on my hand. I said it to Sarah a dozen times at least. I wrote it on her hand. I made an ass of myself.

To those who were reading while I was in this state, I apologize. It was disrespectful, I know.

But, I do have to say, even while in this state, there were those readers who stopped me dead in my throat, who read words that were obviously meant to be read in a way that showed they recognized the venue they were in. Their voices and words carried in a way that captured me, even through my whiskey belligerence. They cut straight through the noise of me, of those around me, begged and demanded silence, attention.

I’ve seen Lauren read a couple times now, and she understands this. She is a good, fun writer. She is a good, fun reader. She is a good, fun person.

I bought your book. Used. But, still. I bought it. It was mean. I dropped it hard on the floor when I finished. You didn’t have to keep the ending. I took a picture of my foot stepping on your face. You liked my feet. You would like this picture.

Read the full story at wigleaf.

2 Responses to “SSM: “The Hamburger Story” by Lauren Becker”

  1. lauren becker May 28, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

    christopher! i wish i had been at that chicago reading! i recall being bought many drinks at a pank reading, too. bourbon, in fact. sherman alexie will never forget it, apparently. anyway, i do love reading and hearing other readers and am honored to be mentioned at your very awesome site. thanks for being a good, fun writer, reader, person, as well!

    • ce. May 29, 2011 at 9:31 am #

      Oh spish, think nothing of it, I am glad to spread good words and yours are good words. 🙂 Can’t wait for Chicago, ’12!

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