SSM: “The Ceiling” by Kevin Brockmeier

21 May

If the Rapture/Judgement Day actually does come today, I hope it at least has the common decency to hold off until people can read this story. I thought a good end-of-the-world type story would be great to celebrate today, given the imminent end of the world and all. This story will crush you.

Melissa added an ice cube to her glass, shaking it against the others until it whistled and cracked. I watched a strand of cloud break apart in the sky. The moon that night was bright and full, but after a while it began to seem damaged to me, marked by some small inaccuracy. It took me a moment to realize why this was: against its blank white surface was a square of perfect darkness. The square was without blemish or flaw, no larger than a child’s tooth, and I could not tell whether it rested on the moon itself or hovered above it like a cloud. It looked as if a window had been opened clean through the floor of the rock, presenting to view a stretch of empty space. I had never seen such a thing before.

“What is that?” I said.

Melissa made a sudden noise, a deep, defeated little oh.

“My life is a mess,” she said.

Read the full story here.

Much thanks to Kyle Winkler for recommending this story.

One Response to “SSM: “The Ceiling” by Kevin Brockmeier”

  1. KW May 22, 2011 at 5:29 pm #

    Hell–effing–yes. This story is the solid balls. Could’ve been a strong contender for the impetus behind my continuing to write after my undergrad.

    Whiskey pump on?

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