Awful Interview: Peter Davis

12 May

Peter Davis will kick your ass. Peter Davis has a moustache, just look. Peter Davis will Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. Peter Davis will move your hips. Peter Davis will move your hips in a non-sexual, non-threatening, non-awkward way. But maybe Peter Davis will move your hips in those ways. Peter Davis doesn’t know what Peter Davis will do until Peter Davis is doing it. Peter Davis is reading at Vouched Presents this Sunday, which is a paradox, but don’t think about it too much, or Peter Davis will explode your brain like in that movie Scanners.

So, you’re Peter Davis. I was expecting someone, taller. Which brings me to my first question: have you ever written a poem about Star Wars? Do you like Star Wars?

I was always luke-warmish about Stars Wars, but I’ve got a son who’s been into it hard for over 3 years. I know a shitload about Stars Wars now. I know the names of those Jedi who aren’t human and aren’t Yoda. I know about all sorts of Star Wars stuff that i don’t know how to spell. I’ve even read some of the books! Do I like it? Sorta. I like my son a lot. And, yes, also, I’m not taller. I’m shorter. I’m like Patrick Swayze.

Dirty Dancing Swayzee or Roadhouse Swayzee?

I’d say Roadhouse Swayzee. I’m a fighter, not a lover.

That’s pretty un-poet of you isn’t it? Aren’t poets supposed to be all “How do I love thee” and shit?

“and shit” may the key phrase here. I’m part of the ‘and shit.’ Like Dalton, I say, Pain don’t hurt, and I mean it, but I’m kidding.

I feel like there are so many nuggets of wisdom and truth throughout that movie. I mean, the depth of a line like, “A polar bear fell on me,” is really hard to come by in Hollywood these days. Are there any other major influences to your writing other than Roadhouse?

The two other big influences are the magazines BMX Plus and Thrasher. Without these magazines I would have never known of Radical Rick and Black Flag. Also, RUN DMC. The more I think about it, the more I realize how much these two magazines and RUN DMC have meant to me. To me, the mall has essentially been a place where there are lots of magazines. Same with the mail. In that way, I love the mall and the mail. Also, breakdancing has been a moment to listen to RUN DMC. Indeed, I want to breakdance when I hear old school rap.

Oh man. Thrasher had a profound impact on my development as a human and writer. I’m glad to see we share that commonality. Are you planning to bust out some RUN DMC and breakdance at Vouched Presents this week?

I cannot promise to breakdance anymore than I can promise that I won’t breakdance, the breakin’ comes when the breakin’ comes, or doesn’t when it doesn’t. It’s not exactly complicated, but I can’t really put it into words. I know it makes me sound like a grumpy old man and all, but I really can’t appreciate Thrasher ever since it became a glossy magazine. It was all newspaper-y when I was young and when I see it now it just doesn’t seem like the same magazine. Newsprint is better than glossy.

There was a certain punk rock element that was lost when it got a slick gloss, but for my youth, it was either Thrasher or Transworld, which was to skateboard mags what skating a Wal-mart deck was to actual skating. So, I get that.

What can you promise to the people planning to come out to the reading? And perhaps to those who aren’t planning to?

I promise to close Gitmo, get out of the Middle East, term limits, money for all, a bean in every pot, legalization of pot, and to make gay marriage not only legal, but mandatory. It’s a somewhat radical agenda, on the other hand, it doesn’t seem to go far enough. I’ll outlaw the flag and high school football! I’ll ban motorcycles and mopeds! I’ll raise taxes on the rich so high they won’t be rich anymore! I’ll do it all by the end of the reading! I mean i’m going to read poetry and that’s not exactly whistling Dixie.

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