7 May

Finishing up my undergraduate degree this past week, I used new issues of some amazing journals that May unleashed to give me a break.

Below are the new issues of journals that I’ve read this week and enjoyed a great deal, featuring the declaration of my favorite piece from each issue:

Sixth Finch:
Each With Our Own Occult by Eric AndersonThe first poem from the issue and oh man, it brings the POWER. Maybe, I’m biased because it’s two lines in and INDIANA. I love Indiana, but no, I love this poem for more than that, it’s delicate progression before the awww-boom ending.

Take 42 by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins Another delicately progressive poem that unfolds beautifully. That last line for some reason really shakes me.

Vinyl Poetry:
Self Portrait as Jeffrey Dahmer by Ocean Vuong I love how this poem uses its artifice and unexpectedly unleashes an insightful emotional journey. Just check out the opening two stanzas:

It is not the flesh I want
but what glows behind it.
For you are not the face
softened with evening. Not
the eyes I’ve searched,
in vain, for my own.

Because you are never what binds you—
not muscle or organ, not even
the voice: that rupture of air
I dare to deem melodic.

Diagram: Richard’s Mother Calls To Ask When He Is Coming Home by Daniel Story The distance this poem travels in its discussion of place, identity, and relationships is remarkable. Call it a ping-pong kinda thing. Also, I was impressed with how the use of the third person informed that movement.

I know many of you already read these magazines, but I hope you’ll check out these pieces and others if you haven’t already.

What are your favorite pieces from these issues? Any other new issues of journals I should not miss?

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