Vouched Presents: May 15th!

15 Apr

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Vouched Presents is a free fundraiser for Second Story Indy, an organization that connects local youth with literature and encourages expression and learning through creative writing.


Jill Christman is author of the memoir Darkroom: A Family Exposure. She once resuscitated a dolphin by performing mouth-to-mouth through its blowhole.

Kyle Winkler’s fiction has been featured in various journals. He has never seen firemen rescue a kitten from a tree and doesn’t believe that’s ever happened.

Peter Davis is author of Hitler’s Moustache and Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! He never toured with Bob Dylan in the 1970s, but if you ask him about it, he might tell you a story.

Michael Schiavo, no not that Michael Schiavo, is author of The Mad Song. In 1994, Schiavo appeared as an extra in Saved by the Bell: The College Years, playing the valet who opened the door for Kelly Kapowski in episode 7.


Big Car Gallery can be kind of tricky to find, so here’s the run down:

Go around to the back of the Murphy Arts Building and you’ll see a set of glass double doors. Enter through them and hang a right, go up the stairs, hang a left at the top of the stairs, and follow the signs to Big Car through a series of ante-chamber style rooms until you get to suite 215. I’ll also post Vouched Presents This Way signs with arrows to help you along your way.

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