14 Apr

This quickie little poem by Masin Persina over at Everyday Genius made me think of my wife and her deathly fear of spiders. Britt once had a similar experience in her car, but if I remember the story right, she wasn’t nearly as calm-headed and almost jerked the wheel into a bridge embankment.

On My Way To School
A tiny spider swung into the passenger seat,
brandishing its tiny arms like a hijacker.

It had spunk, I’ll give it that. I made a stain of it
with my monogrammed mug: MEP.

Read the rest!

One Response to “AGH! SPIDER!!!”

  1. Amber Sparks April 14, 2011 at 8:28 pm #

    Nice. With my husband, it would be a bee. Or bees. He refuses to let me open the windows of our car when I’m driving, because one time a bee actually did get in at a stoplight and he just about caused an accident. 🙂

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