Annalemma Subscription Drive!

9 Apr

So, Annalemma Magazine, one of the most gorgeous publications in existence today and coincidentally one of my favorite publications (as evident by it being one of the four lit journals on my table), is having a subscription drive to help with the production costs of Annalemma 8.

Just look at this mag. Total boners.

There are all sorts of reasons to support this mag. Great artwork. Great writing. And, editor Chris Heavener is one of the most earnest dudes in literature. The idea for Vouched actually came about from a conversation Chris and I had once about ways to promote the small press community. Just read this plea at the Annalemma blog:

I’ve tried a lot of things. We (meaning the people I rope into helping me out with this project) have tried a lot of things. We’ve tried everything short of directly asking you to buy the book. So here we are, asking you to buy the book.

If you want to see this magazine thrive during a hard time in publishing, click here to subscribe. You’ll receive Issue Seven and, in a few months, Issue Eight, as well as some postcards, buttons and whatever free fun stuff is lying around the office.

And if you subscribe right now you’ll receive $5 off the cover price of Issue Eight.

This isn’t a plea to support a convoluted Kickstarter campaign, this isn’t a plea to give us money with nothing in return. This is good old-fashioned capitalism. This is a plea to support something you and I both enjoy. You’re paying for a beautiful product you’ll keep for a long time, a product that will enrich and add dimension to your life.

So, go here to read the rest of the plea, or if I’ve convinced you myself, click here to subscribe.

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