Happy How They Were Found Day!

5 Apr

Today is the 6 month’iversary of the release of Matt Bell’s How They Were Found, so to celebrate, I have 2 things to share with you.

1) Matt recently had no news posted at Robert Lopez’s No news today blog, and you need to read this lack of newsworthiness, because it is a beautiful and an aching lack.

No news today, not for you or from you. No news today, despite the availability of newsmaking tools, despite your organs for hearing and seeing what has been made. No news today, but only if you refuse the offers of others, and also your own participation. Paste paper over your television, bend wrong your antennae. Watch now the ticker, silent in its unseen scrolling. Watch the flickering, still with faces. Stuff your ears with the unprinted parts of the paper, of magazines, then listen to the radio. There are disasters still, but you are unaware and smiling. Now stop smiling. Now start doing your own part. Now do it bravely, without flinches: Take down your content.

2, and also) Matt has released How They Were Found as an eBook, and to celebrate the 6 month’iversary, he’s giving it (and 2 short stories as eBooks) away for free to anyone who has bought the print copy. Just forward your old receipt to him at mdbell79@gmail.com, and he’ll send you all 3 eBooks.

If you haven’t bought it yet, you can still cash in on this deal by buying it this week and forwarding him the receipt.

More info about all this and the reason he’s making this offer at Matt’s blog. Get into it!

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