Elimae unleashes goodness upon us: After Museum1

31 Mar

The April edition of Elimae is out and waiting for you to delve in.

It starts of with a bang. I speak in reference to Kirsten Kaschock’s After Museum1.

Here’s an excerpt to entice you:

The next room is filled with frogs. They must have manifested or condensed along the ceiling, which is dripping. Their colors are striking, exquisite actually. The frogs have already died, or are dying, outside the museum — yet, in the room: golden toad, brown bull-, glass, poison blue. A thousand more. Frogs of every conceivable hue — gargoyling on every conceivable surface. Not hopping, but singing. The two-guide tells you that frogs are to ecologists as canaries are to coal-miners. The analogy reminds you of a ruler in the hands of a nun.

Like I said, bang.

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