IndyStar covers Vouched Books/Vouched Presents!

24 Mar

I’m really stoked to have Vouched featured in today’s edition of the Indianapolis Star! And, if you got the print issue of it, you’ll notice we’re the centerfold of the Weekender. And I mean, can you blame them with a sexy photo like this? I mean, look at that smile! Look at that spread! Artifice! Annalemma! We Take Me Apart! Adam Robison! Beautiful books!

I always wanted to believe I could be centerfold material, and now thanks to Indy Star, my dreams have come true!

For real though, they had some kind and humbling things to say about what we’re trying to do here, and I’m completely grateful for their coverage of Vouched and the Vouched Presents reading this weekend.

If you’re a first timer to the Vouched site, please feel free to poke around, click some links to some of our favorite work around the Web and read read read! Follow our facebook and/or twitter.

Also, I really hope you’ll consider coming out to see some excellent words read this weekend at Vouched Presents and support the great cause that is Second Story!

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