We Are Here By Eric Nguyen

17 Mar

PANK Online’s March Issue just unleashed this story by Eric Nguyen on me. I was nodding my head going OH THAT IS RIGHT and HA THAT IS FUNNY because this is the kind of story that forces me to think about life, real life, my life, and how I JUST WANNA COMMUNICATE. Thanks.


It’s a project to tell the universe the story of our lives. How it works is we all write down on slips of clean paper—perfect four-by-four squares—what it is we want to tell them: whoever’s out there, twenty, thirty, forty light years away. Movies picture them green with large protruding brains or slimy tentacles as they breathe through glass tubes pressing rainbow buttons on advanced space ships that go beep, bonk bonk, beep.

I think they’re something else, something familiar maybe, but scientists have explained theories that they might be the size of bacteria, amoeba-like things with tiny ray guns, beaming out their own messages to the universe in hopes of finding something like them or something like us.

2 Responses to “We Are Here By Eric Nguyen”

  1. Amber Sparks March 17, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

    Tyler I loved this story, too. Just NAILED it. Everything. The universe. Nailed it.


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