Interview with Matthew Simmons at Dark Sky

14 Mar

Maybe it’s because we’ve lived in so many of the same places. Or maybe it’s because it’s almost impossible to bore me as I get older, too. Or maybe it’s the metal thing. Either way, Matthew Simmons is one of those people I’d love to meet in real space, because I feel like I would enjoy his company immediately and in a comfortable, easy sort of way.

Actually, it’s probably a combo of all of the above plus especially the writing. Whenever I read something by Matthew Simmons, I think, dang, I wish I’d written that. Which actually does not happen to me very often, not because I don’t love many pieces and books, but because I know they could not have emerged from my brain. They’re foreign to my way of thinking on a page. With Matthew Simmons, I don’t know if it’s the repetition or the musicality or the subject matter or something else altogether, but I read his stuff and find a model to aspire to and also just a damn good read. (If you’re reading this, Matthew Simmons, I miss your writing prompts on HTMLGiant. They were good shit.)

He’s got a new book out from Keyhole Press, The Moon Tonight Feels My Revenge, which I need to get off my butt and order like maybe right now*, and here Simmons is in an interview with Dark Sky talking about that repetition, among other interesting things:

When I write a story, I type a sentence and read it out loud. And then I change it, and read it out loud again. And then I write the next sentence, and I read it out loud, and I read the previous sentence out loud, and I change that. And this goes on for a while. The repetitions tend to come out of a desire for a musicality to the writing, which follows from the fact that I am reading it out loud as I am writing it.

Good stuff. Go get you some.

*Done. Ordered.

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