Too Many Things All at Once

1 Mar

A bunch of things you really must read and here they are:

I know everyone and their mother is talking about this but once again, yes. Thank you, Collagist. YES. YES READ THIS PLEASE. If you are old like me and played a lot of computer games before the internet (GASP!!!) then you will love this and you will fall down and thank Mike Meginnis for making it.

The new issue of Diagram is out and it is amazing as always. I particularly love this Gabe Blackwell piece and have been evangelizing it everywhere.

At AWP my husband picked up a copy of Eugene Marten’s Waste, read it in one night, and urged me to do the same. I finally got around to reading it last night, and couldn’t put it down until I was finished. I highly highly highly recommend this scary, sweet, weird, alienated, sad, realistic/not at all book to anyone who has not gotten around to reading it yet.  Read it.  Also, I am now terrified to leave anything in my office wastebasket.

The new No Colony, all of it but especially the new Peter Markus story. Jesus. I have a headache from all the good.

Chilling, touching, sad, funny, and sentences like you wouldn’t believe–so calm they bubble when you’re not looking. Oh, and one of the most beautifully bound handmade book I’ve maybe ever seen. Art object you can read. What it is? Andrew Borgstrom’s And What is Left, as Much as the Hands will Hold, & A View of the Empty Porch, from Greying Ghost Press.

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