Wigleaf is a treasure chest

25 Feb

Friends, there are these Two Tuscaloosa Missed Connections by Brian Oliu you should read on Wigleaf. I know Tyler told you about his installment in >Kill Author’s Eleventh Issue, so undoubtedly you are excited to see more. The second of them, Hand Me Down: America’s Thrift M4W, makes me feel a little guilty about the ugly sweater party I went to in December, but in a good way. Both stories have a gentle way of unveiling truths that were right under our noses, hanging in our closets, eroding in our backyards.

Then there is Ashley Farmer’s Man Found Dead in a Graveyard, which makes you feel you’ve seen things you haven’t seen. Or maybe it helps you see them. They are things worth seeing, worth reading.


One Response to “Wigleaf is a treasure chest”

  1. Brian February 26, 2011 at 4:00 am #

    I wish Vouched was a person I could hug it.

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