Inside SmokeLong

21 Feb

I keep going back to the current SmokeLong and finding more incredible stuff, like this piece “Inside” by Ashley Inguanta who is as talented a photographer as a writer (she took her own featured photo), and how she shines a light. Just read this:

My head was still underneath the quilt. It was so dark, I couldn’t tell if my eyes were still closed or if I had opened them to a space without light.

But the quilt slipped from my body, and a light flew, swarming on my tongue, down my throat. This light was as thin and sharp as a woman, a young woman, just before she would ripen. This woman, her heart is a lantern in my mouth, only I have not met her yet.

I read this story last Friday, and haven’t been able to get that light imagery out of my head, and don’t think I even want to.

And how the sentences spin along, how each image builds on another that came before, each one an intricate piece to the whole thing, the story moves like pirouettes.

Also, check out her photography here. You’ll find a better world.

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