Growing apart is a two-person process

4 Feb

My buddy John has a rather large and distinguished DVD collection. For a while now, he’s been watching this collection from A-Z, writing about each on his blog Little Round Mirrors. These are not reviews. John was a film student, and is a smart chap, and could review these like nobody’s business if he wants to, but he doesn’t, and I appreciate that, because the world has enough opinions.

More than a critic, John is a story teller, a voracious memory monger. Often times, his insight into his life astounds me, and a great humor about his faults and failures, a great humility about his successes. The movies evoke, and he lets us see himself in them, let’s us see ourselves in him. I’ve been following since he started this a few months ago, and you should too. He’s on Good Will Hunting now. Go.

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