Maggie Glover Startling Me and Stuff

10 Jan

Maggie Glover has one two three poems over at MAYDAY Magazine that do things to me. I’m thinking startle is a good word, but also here are some synonyms (THANK YOU THESAURUS) that could describe my response: amaze, shake up, shock, and rock. I read the first poem in the three ways I could think of–1) down the first column 2) down the second column and 3) straight across. That equaled some amazing interplay between each “version.” The second one, first thought was obviously WHAT A TITLE, but when the first sentence is “One side offered, believe or not: daisies,” there’s the shook up. The quickness of the third poem, the way the line “to slam the gun into her blue/black head” comes and goes so fast, is shocking. Yeah, these poems rocked.

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