Happy Friday!

7 Jan

We made it! Apart from getting burgled and a flat tire, it wasn’t so bad. I’m about to go pick up flyers and handbills for next week’s Vouched Presents reading, so I can promote the hell out of it tonight at my First Friday table.

I’m stoked about tonight, because it’s the first First Friday with my iPhone and Square reader, which means I can accept credit cards, bishes. So, no excuses about not having cash on you. You’ll say that to me, and I’ll say, “Oh, I can accept credit,” and you’ll stand there awkwardly trying to decide whether to buy the book and not feel like an asshole, or say, “Oh.. Well, I didn’t actually want to buy the book; I was trying not to hurt your feelings,” and feel like an asshole. But hey, really, it’s cool by me if you don’t like to be awesome and read awesome stuff. But really, you should be awesome and read awesome stuff.

So, I’ll be outside Big Car Gallery, as per usual, and you should stop by and say hey and buy some words from me. New on the table tonight is Matthew Salasses’s new chapbook from PANK, Our Island of Epidemics, which I sort of reviewed here.

I don’t really know how to review books. I just like to sell them. See you tonight?

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