Andrew Scott’s Model

3 Jan

In the spirit of full disclosure, Andrew Scott is a former professor and friend of mine, but that’s not going to keep me from vouching his recent story up at Hobart.

(Let’s not shit ourselves here: the small press community has grown really tight over the past year and a half. Half the reason we’re all pals is because we respect and enjoy each other’s words, or at least our opinions on words. If I ruled out vouching for pieces by writers who are my pals I’d not be able to post at least a 1/3 of what I’ve vouched here. Let’s just put all this insularity talk behind us and realize how small the world is these days.)

I’ve always been drawn to Andrew’s stories for how calm his language is, how careful and crafted and pathetic his characters and their stories are. Pathetic in the sense that I feel for them, how I feel for them, how I often feel like them, or at least recognize their own thoughts in myself at times. He makes incredible use of the everyday–how something as simple as a broken water main can turn a morning between two tired spouses into something more than a morning by dealing with their quiet thoughts, the thoughts we tend to keep to ourselves often enough.

Read “A Model Life” here.

Also, keep an eye out for Scott’s upcoming collection of short stories, Naked Summer, out this June on Press 53.

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