The Numbers

31 Dec

I’m really stoked about where Vouched has come in just the few months that I/we’ve been doing this, and thought I’d look at and share some numbers to sum up 2010.

  • 6892 hits at
  • 83 Vouched Online posts
  • ??? links clicked to various stories and poems online via the VO posts (I wish I could really parse this number, but I’m confident it’s at least a 3-digit number.)
  • 14 reviews
  • 1 Vouched Presents reading
  • 6 Vouched table events
  • 21 titles carried
  • 74 books sold

I think I’m most glad for the 74 books sold and what that means. I was actually surprised myself at that number, thinking it was more around 40-50. But, with the exception of maybe 20 of those sales, the others were sold to people who would not have known these books existed otherwise, with little to no knowledge or exposure to small press literature. So, knowing that approximately 30-40 readers (adjusting for some readers buying multiple books) have now been exposed to small press literature just feels good. And that’s in the few months I’ve been doing Vouched in 2010.

I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings, from an absolutely amazing line-up to kick off 2011’s Vouched Presents series on Jan. 15th, to renegade Vouched tabling at AWP in February, to whatever other mischief I can get into. 2011 is going to be a good year.

Much thanks to all the writers, publishers, and readers who’ve supported Vouched so far. And a special thanks to the donors who helped get Vouched off the ground. This exists for all of you.

Happy New Years! Auld Lang Syne! And all that rot!

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