Later, I found out it was a “creek.”

23 Dec

I used to live a walk down the road from what I knew as a “crick” growing up. My brother and I would catch crayfish there, tiny lobsters I thought. I remember once finding a dead raccoon caught in a dam. I remember my brother talking about finding a dead body in the culvert beneath the road. He had a whole story about the police being there and everything. He was a damn liar.

You should read this story by Iris Ann Moulton, “We Would Come to the Edge,” at Everyday Genius. You might remember something, too.

And every week of every summer we would walk to the river to look for a dead body. I always pictured it as a woman, with maybe red blonde hair that I would later find out was called strawberry blonde, and I thought that sounded delicious, and it made my body warm that anyone could be named for something so sweet and wild. My sister, I have never asked who she pictured finding, but I bet it was the same woman. My sister and I often have the same nightmares.

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