Ron’s Gone (Mommy Issues)

16 Dec

Thoroughly enjoyed this story over at Anderbo. Eleven year-old Antonio Aiello’s obliviously oedipal possessiveness of his mother, and her wanton behavior make for a high jumping emotional piece. He is a child who shouldn’t be where he is and she is a woman in need of some physical affirmation, perhaps at the cost of her relationship with her son.

This story is teeming with beginnings. They are both breaking out of restrained lives, headed toward separate freedoms. It’s a new year and they’re both trying to find some answers in the mouth of a bottle or the mouth of a man.

“The room spins faster. I try to stand up. So I can kick his ass, pull her away. Save her. Slap her. Hug her. Make Ernie/Eddie/Enrique clean up that red wine. I’m swimming through bodies all greased up, slicked up, coked up, dancing for their lives. Dancing to wash off the last remnants of 1984.”

Check this one out.

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