6 Dec

I wasn’t kidding when I said Elimae was one of my favorite journals and though I try to refrain jumping on here the first week of every month and being like look at this cool thing I found on elimae because 1) you probably already read elimae (or at least you should) 2) I don’t wanna be predictable in the I-can-guarantee-Tyler-is-gonna-write-about-the-new-issue-of-elimae-between-the-2nd-and-7th-of-each-month kind of way. But yes, I read the new elimae and yes I found something, many things in fact, to be stokifying. Here is one:

In Halloween, Elizabeth Ellen starts with simple dialogue then throws out images and they clank together real well. At the end, I looked at the screen and went that’s odd, but cool. Then, I leaned over to this girl behind me and said, that’s odd, but cool. She raised an eyebrow, like yeah you are or something. I’m impressed with the way this story reminds me to be afraid of the power of stories, but also the world and women and my own gender, because this piece rips reality without telling me a thing.

This part in the middle made me go all WOAH WOAH WOAH:

Put one on, Saul says, and I’ll take your picture.
Okay, I say. But I’m not crawling on my hands and knees.
You have to, Saul says. We have to recreate the photographs exactly. We have to match every detail.
Even the chickens, I say.
Where the hell are we going to find chickens, Saul says.

I hope you like this story.

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