2 Dec

I assume relationships with dads are tough. Everyone seems to be writing about how much they love/hate/are disappointed in/are trying to kill/wish they could really know/worship their fathers. Ryan Gannon is another person who is doing it well.

Gannon’s story “Perseids” (A prolific meteor shower associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle–don’t pretend you didn’t wonder) over at Staccato Fiction begins with your basic hipster scene and evolves into so much more. A lot of contemporary work that gets into the father/son connection also explores the narrators relationship with religion.

“He’d take the miniature bible from the dash and thumb the leather surface for a minute, waiting for me to kill the engine, but I’d keep it running. He’d slink out into the daylight wearing his Carhartt coveralls, smelling of cigarettes and caked with a thin layer of carbon-black from the polymer plant. He’d ask me to come. I’d close the car door and tell him I’d pick him up in an hour.”

Do you stop believing in (a) God when you give up on your parents? And how do you make me think about stuff like that with such a short story?

My upper face is thumping.

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