Where The Ocean Ends

1 Dec

Watching the grown-ups in your life getting older is pretty damn terrifying, and in some cases, downright disappointing. Over at Necessary Fiction, writer Doug Bond shares a moment of cognizance as he cares for his aging father. There’s a lot of story in this little thing. Father/son relationship, giving up, disappointment, I might even detect something religious here.

Bond uses his words well, even describing a colonoscopy in a way that makes me want to see one:

“For now, we are going to the place where they will scan his walls. Threats and lesions, cracks and gaps, places where the devil breaks in.”

That’s good stuff. Read this story.

One Response to “Where The Ocean Ends”

  1. Amber Sparks December 1, 2010 at 11:26 pm #

    Read this today–it was great. And yes, I totally identify…well, with the whole terrifyingness, anyway.

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