208 Words On The 208 Pages of Poems Called The Best Of (What’s Left Of) Heaven by Mairéad Byrne

22 Nov

I can look at most pages of this book and feel nice. These poems are short, quirky, clever, yet some calming. I flip randomly and prove what I’m saying: “Our Colds.”

could be flu
cat allergies
or carbon monoxide poisoning

but probably not
all three

And this is what I’m saying. Reading it in my room right now, this poem cleaned me up a little, this snapshot of Byrne’s life and thoughts, but also perhaps mine. I feel better than I did before.

Byrne’s poems stretch beyond their small word count, being big with emotional stuff, positive or negative.  Maybe emotional isn’t the right word, more like living stuff or thinking stuff, yes, these poems are like snapshot thoughts on the page. Even in the section called “war,” Byrne does things with lists, bold, newspaper headlines, which seems playful and comfortable.

This book works for me as a reminder that poems don’t have to be all long and rambly. I forget that sometimes. Also, this is a book that you can call someone and be like listen to this poem, it doesn’t suck. My call-up-somebody-to-read-them-a-poem poem is “Heaven.” This is a small-ish book and the small-ish poems with the super thinking moments and they are good life companions.

Buy the book from Publishing Genius.

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