Secrets and Lies

7 Nov

This story by Kelly Sundberg over at Fringe had me whirling. The piece is aptly titled, and perhaps more importantly, accurately titled. The narrator reveals so many of her tiny shames and triumphs I am embarrassed for her, angry with her, and falling in love with her.

I tend to believe that we all struggle with dishonesty. No matter how well intentioned our deception is, we all do it to gain something. We lie to gain trust, money, time, approval, etc. In this story, the narrator attempts to gain many things by keeping her secrets and deceiving those closest to her, especially her mother.

Sundberg does an amazing job using segmenting to tell many stories at once, and allowing the reader to become enthralled with each one. All the pieces here form a whole directing the reader to an ending that makes sense, and is certainly no ending at all.

I would say more but I’m wary of giving too much away. Read this excerpt, then read this story. I’m not sure how you could be disappointed.

People aren’t really trained to hear untruths, and most lies probably go undiscovered, but there is always the threat of discovery.  I wasn’t mean.  I didn’t make up lies about other people, and for the most part, my lies weren’t destructive to anyone but myself. But the poison of the big lie ate me up inside, so I told other lies to build myself up on the outside.  But those untruths and half-truths soon had lives of their own, while the untold was eating away at my own life.

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