91% Battery Power–100% funded.

1 Nov

I’m so stupid excited to report that my friends Justin Sirois and Haneen Alshujairy at the Understanding Campaign met their fundraising goal on Kickstarter! There’s still 70 hours left of their Kickstarter Campaign, and any extra money pledged to their campaign will help to bring Haneen to the United States for a book tour for their collaborative novel, Falcons On the Floor, out on Publishing Genius next year.

Fittingly, today on Everyday Genius is an excerpt from MLKNG SCKLS, a book of “deleted scenes” from Falcons On the Floor.

We left Fallujah as half of Fallujah was fleeing too – everyone hefting canned goods, bananas, Pepsi, and prescriptions in packed book bags with only enough room for one book. I brought my laptop. I brought a knife and a toothbrush. Khalil brought whatever he was wearing at the time.

We had no choice.

Not only am I vouching it here because it’s good words, but as a celebration, a figurative champagne toast to the Understanding Campaign for reaching their goal. Congrats Justin and Haneen, and great work. Keep the understanding alive. FHM!

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