Tara Nicole in Word Riot

18 Oct

A new Word Riot just dropped on my Google Reader, and though I’ve not gotten through the whole thing (I hardly have time to actually sit down and consume an entire journal at once these days), here are exerpts from a couple nuggets by Tara Nicole, both of which you can read in full here:

A cappella

My father was sick.
There was an avalanche
behind his eyelids.

My mother was the slow tick
of a grandfather clock.

Measured staccato verse gets down in my dermis. Parent poems have their way with me. I’m not completely sure why. Here’s the other:

Remorse Code

You always write I’m sorry, your eyes blinking
remorse, it sticking to the page. I tear it off,
sew together a sheet and sleep on it.
There are tiny slits across my back when I wake.

What’s also cool beans is Tara’s bio note that says this Word Riot appearance is her first pub, which makes me all the glad and happy to have been toppled and sharing here. Great work on a first pub, Tara.

Read. Read.

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