15 Oct

Blake Butler posted a question on HTLMGIANT the other day, asking what people think are the best (“based on content, prestige, and design”) online lit journals, and oh boy, the lists were interesting.

This question and the answers seem useful to explore, think about, discuss, etc. I’ll post my list, with some short notes, and I hope that is okay and worthwhile.

Elimae: Slick, simple beauty, like handcrafted paper. Consistent work, pushing limits I think on genres, form, etc. Surprising artwork. MONTHLY THANK YOU. A golden oldie of sorts too, right? And check the HTMLGIANT comments, elimae on about every list.

Diagram: Another smooth beaut. Easy archives, like I wanna read that Ryan Ridge thing about piece about doors, got it, woah. Do I always “get” the diagrams? Probably not, but hey that’s different and thought-provoking cool. History doesn’t lie, this is a big gob of goodness to gobble gobble up.

The Collagist: Is this wrong of me? I am a blog editor for these fine folks, but I’m talking journal. Anyways, I was a big time fan long before I was allowed to act a fool on that blog. Look at those colors popping off my screen. Timely, I know the 15th of the month, maybe even like 10 pm on the 14th, I am getting some new word goodness. WE ALL NEED GOOD WORD PALS TO COUNT ON TO HAND US GOOD STUFF.

Everyday Genius: Sometimes, I just can’t wait a whole month, enter EG, and woah, I have this cool new piece (WITH PICTURE SOMETIMES) to give my eyes and brain some lovin’. Good. Also, that logo rules real yes, the doubleness, not allowing me to look too long, EVERYDAY GENIUS got it, now move on to the awesome writing below.

Robot Melon: This journal, are they done with issues?, was not selected, I believe, by anyone else in the comments, but it holds a special place in my online lit journal cobweb. One of the first places I burned my eyes on. One of the first places I read some of my favorite indie writers–Mike Young, Sam Pink, Adam Robinson–as well as spying some work from people associated with my university–Sean Lovelace, Ryan Rader, Daniel Bailey. In short, man, this journal was my “gateway” into this glorious kingdom I’m in now. OH THANK HEAVENS.

So, I’m sure this will change, some people hate lists, they are okay I think, I see lists like fingers, sometimes they break or get all scabby, other times they are handy. BADDABING.



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