Hamilton lights lanterns at Everyday Genius

14 Oct

Today at Everyday Genius is Mary Hamilton’s “Me and Theodore climbed to the top of the water tower because we were scared of the tremors beneath the dirt.”

It has that classic “Don’t Go Gently Into That Dark Night” flavor. It has that punch-death-in-his-nutsack taste, that, “Let’s have a parade! It’s been so long since we’ve had a parade. Let’s invite all our friends, and all our friends friends! Let’s promenade down the boulevard with terrific pride and light in our eyes!” sort that gets my legs to twitch and move and say, “Yeah!”

There is a certain faith in the body’s ability to heal. In the way a broken bone, set correctly, will find its way back together. The way a scab forms over a cut. The way strained muscles ease into a painless routine. There is a certain faith that the body will return and return again. The body will defend against the demons that cut us down, that bury us. But where do we turn when the pain persists? When the mole gets bigger? When the breath gets tender? When the demons are your own body, attacking, treason from the inside? Are we supposed to just give up and go, voluntarily, into that perfume of rot called twilight only to be swallowed by the selfish maw of night?

Light those lanterns, light them all, each and every one. There is no shame in the pattern that reaches across your backs. Take pride in your own defenses. Take pride in the light we’ve made here together on this day.

This story also appears in Hamilton’s chapbook, We Know What We Are, out now on Rose Metal Press as the winner of their annual chapbook contest, which is as fantastic as a whole as the above story is alone. What I’m saying, is if you haven’t read it, you should. You should go now. You should click that link, and then click Add to Cart. When the book comes in the mail, you should clear your plate of everything. You should read like something hungry, consuming.

Actually, after I finish writing this post, I’m going to head over to Gmail and order up a few copies of this book along with some restocking of Lovelace’s How Some People Like Their Eggs, because this book belongs on my table.

2 Responses to “Hamilton lights lanterns at Everyday Genius”

  1. Amanda Deo October 15, 2010 at 2:16 am #

    Just want to say that you guys are doing an awesome job. We need people like you out there in the trenches..giving us small presses some notoriety.

    Thunderclap Press

    • ce. October 15, 2010 at 2:44 am #

      Heh. Let’s not romanticize things. Setting up a table at art events and getting to talk about books all night to people who are hungry for them is hardly trench warfare. But, I do appreciate the kindness. Really glad you dig these digs.

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