Three Responses by Mike Young in >kill author

9 Oct

I feel like I’m constantly following Mike Young’s writing around the web, checking out his blog, sharing his HTMLGIANT updates on GoogleReader, telling my Facebook friends to check out his new stuff. Like these three pieces in the new >kill author.

I mean, seriously, isn’t this just wicked word flow? (from Response #15):

Every public bathroom is an opportunity for terror. I’m talking the kind where you get a whole room. Lock on the door. But maybe you’re bolting so fast you forget to bolt. Maybe the lock doesn’t work. So you find yourself saying “Wait, wait, occupied, hang on” but it’s always too timid or too late. I don’t mean for this to be a stand-up routine. Some goof like Dane Cook, he could ape this pretty good. Do something with one leg in the air and the microphone in a weird tuck. Then we’d laugh together in the audience, like you know me and I know you, some big splatter of yeah!

Again, again, again, Mike Young brings the real cool stuff, and again, I’m trying to tell people about it.

One Response to “Three Responses by Mike Young in >kill author”


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    […] Vouching about Mike awhile back, it was a truly funcoolawesome thing to get to do this full length post about him. […]

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