Last Friday = Success

4 Oct

As previously mentioned, I set up the Vouched Books table just outside Big Car Gallery last Friday for the monthly First Friday gallery walk at the Murphy Arts Center. The night started a bit slow, with a few people stopping and ruffling some pages and seeming interested and then moseying on.

By about 9pm, I hit my stride, the crowd thickened, and energy around the Vouched table picked up. A lot of people stopped and commented first on how beautiful the books were. Dan Bailey’s The Drunk Sonnets and Sean Lovelace’s How Some People Like Their Eggs seemed to be the main eye-catchers of the night.

I need to have a sign or something. I had to clarify that I wasn’t the publisher, but just a book lover, to probably 75% of the people who stopped. But, that was good because it gave a good segue to talk about the real publishers and presses putting them out, a subject I don’t think many people normally consider about books.

People were really intrigued with the idea that a small press can just be a person who loves sentences working out of their garage or apartment. A lot of people made the connection with indie music labels, even without me bringing it up.

All in all, I distributed 10 copies of Booth, and sold 15 books, with a good 20 to 30 people who wanted to buy a book but didn’t have cash, and had a good number of people interested in coming to the Vouched Presents Artifice Mag reading this Saturday.

Lastly, thanks again to Big Car for letting me set up the table. Jim seemed pretty receptive to allowing me to do that every month, so it looks like Vouched has found something of a home. Plus, Jim and I spoke about future Vouched possibilities as far as partnering with Big Car.

Hold on to your butts. Things are about to get whack.

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