Rave by Yvette Johnson at Softblow

3 Oct

This sectioned thing is brushstrokes, brushstrokes, brushstrokes. I’m looking at it, and I’m there. It’s the second person, I think, making me all holding onto each section. I love the concision, the sharpness of each phrase/sentence. Beautiful sense of purpose.

Check out the first section here:

Nevertheless, the parties are symbols. They were scenery. People laid around hand in hand. He bends his cheek in toward your face and you kiss him. The look of an imp. The tender feeling of smiling. How your eyes are glass when you kiss. Or a deeper shade of togetherness when your eyes are closed. When the kiss is like a surrender to slowing down. Decoding your kiss. Another hour and you have fallen for my prism. An hour like symphony. Like melting. A ring in my temples of the way you are seated in my lap and we sing. How breath dictates how deep you sound. The breath is but a series of cages you climb through. An oblong bell clanging on a brass platter. Etchings on it of the words: Forgive me now.

Now, go over to Softblow and see what’s happening more and more. Good.

One Response to “Rave by Yvette Johnson at Softblow”

  1. yvettejohnson August 3, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

    Thanks for the review!

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