from Sedentary Visions by Sean Burke

27 Sep

Over at Strange Machine, Sean Burke unloads this long poem, as he sees the future of America. It strikes nice, like a punch in the gut that makes you feel better a few minutes later realizing you were being a jerk.

Here are a few of my favorite lines:

someone will pray to God for the ability to levitate;

someone will genetically engineer a family;

someone will die anonymously in a used car lot;

someone will forget the names of the days of the week;

someone will drink 300 gallons of milk;

someone will refuse to sleep on even-numbered days;

someone will mispronounce a spouse’s name in a eulogy;

someone will lose an index finger in an office copy machine;

a couple will name their firstborn daughter after an RV make;

Read this. Do better, feel better, ouch.

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