Interested in Vouching?

9 Sep

A couple new things that I’m working on for Vouched:

1) The Vouched Presents Reading Series in Indianapolis, set to launch October 9th at Big Car Gallery in Fountain Square with the Artifice Mag Issue 2 Release Party. More details to come.

2) I’m looking for contributors to Vouched Online–for people who love to read online journals and love to tell people about them.

The idea is this: there is a lot of online literature out there. It seems there’s a new online journal popping up every month–and as awesome as that is, as exciting as it is to see more venues for new writing, it can also be drowning and overwhelming, and let’s face it–not all of the stuff getting published is great.

I want Vouched Online to exist as an online literature sieve of sorts, where people come to find the great stuff. Basically as a contributor, when you read something online that takes the top of your head off, you take a few minutes to post about it here. It can be as simple as a small excerpt and a link to the work in the journal, or if you’re feeling feisty, a full reflection/review on the piece.

If this interests you, email me at

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