Are you kidding me, Chicago?

7 Jul

Gabriel Levinson’s Book Bike, one of the handful of inspirations that I shook with ice and strained into a chilled Vouched Books glass, has been shutdown by the Chicago Parks District unless he submits an application and $1,155/hour fee to hand out free books in Chicago parks, the CPD citing the Book Bike as a “promotional event.”

Good one, Chicago.

Book Bike isn’t some concert drawing 1,000s of people and requiring extra security and clean up crews and disturbing the relative serenity of the parks. It’s a dude, on a bike, giving away good books, for free.

If you live in Chicago, get on the phone with the Park District, your city representatives, council (wo)men, etc. Tell them how preposterous this is.

If you don’t live there, at least hop over to the Book Bike site and show your support for what he’s doing (if you support what he’s doing at least, and if you don’t, I’m not sure why you’d be here supporting what I’m doing, but maybe you don’t support me either?).

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