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Single-Sentence Review: The Youngest Butcher in Illinois

19 Dec

The Youngest Butcher in Illinois
Robert Ostrom
Yes Yes Books

Poetry that moves forward by the ellipsis of its lines; this book doesn’t end so much as walk through the void it opens.

SSR #8 of 15: Frequencies, Vol. 1

10 Jul


Frequencies Vol. 1
Bob Hicok, Molly Gaudry, & Phillip B. Williams
music from Here We Go Magic, Outlands, and Sharon Von Etten
Yes Yes Books
155p/ $18

Music and poetry! Poetry and music! Clap tracks, boom boxes, marches for love and melody, heartbreak, patterns taking shape — it’s all in here, in every frequency!

SSR #7 of 15: The Karaoke Singer’s Guide to Self-Defense

9 Jul


The Karaoke Singer’s Guide to Self-defense
Tim Kinsella
Featherproof Books

An estranged family gathers to endure loss: gather ’round the microphone and sing a sad song or two,  work your way through the twelve steps, listen to a guy sing like Steve Perry, figure out your feelings on Fleetwood Mac.

SSR #6 of 15: Beauty Was The Case That They Gave Me

8 Jul


Beauty Was The Case That They Gave Me
Mark Leidner
Factory Hollow Press
94p / $12

Mark Leidner struggles with weakness; Mark Leidner struggles with strength; Mark Leidner will tell you about romance; Mark Leidner will tell you about Snoop Dogg.

SSR #5 of 15: 48 Pornos

8 Jul


48 Pornos
Tyler Gobble
Safety Third Enterprises

Gobble’s impulsive and charming accounts of sexual encounters — both daydreams and feasible realities — will make you blush and laugh.

SSR #4 of 15: Fun Camp

6 Jul


Fun Camp
Gabe Durham
Publishing Genius

This book will stain your lips with barrels of bug juice, callous your fingers from failed archery attempts, and give you the crisp thrill of a post-popsicle kiss: revel in the confusion and anarchy of summer camp.

SSR #3 of 15: Why We Never Talk About Sugar

5 Jul



Why We Never Talk About Sugar
Aubrey Hirsch
Braddock Ave. Books

Sixteen stories, deep and rich, take you through the mire of life gently, these are authentic accounts of humanity — full of stranded wives, broken husbands, and stranded circus performers–  each page brims with beauty and damnation.

SSR #2 of 15: I Was Not Even Born

4 Jul


I Was Not Even Born
Wendy Xu & Nick Sturm
Coconut Books

These poems are so big they span the 611.5 miles between Northampton, MA and Akron, OH and three months and pizza and lemonade and joy and tears and amazement and beers and longing!

SSR #1 of 15: TINA

3 Jul

We’re entering the final countdown to the Second Vouched Birthday Party here in Atlanta. You know what that means? A single-sentence review round-up of some of the new titles our Atlanta table has gathered over the year. For the next 15 days I’ll be releasing one single-sentence review a day.

You may recognize this first one from your summer reading list. Behold, Peter Davis’ Tina. 


by Peter Davis
Bloof Books

Peter Davis has a lot to say to Tina. Who is Tina? Tina is hard to track down. Follow Davis down the rabbit hole of his life-long pursuit of Tina, see what you come up with.


SS Review: Poisonhorse by Brandi Wells

26 Feb


POISONHORSE by Brandi Wells

Nephew, 34 pgs., August 2012, $10

A literary eruption, is that a thing, if that’s a thing, it just happened over here, out comes a saddened–>tortured love cry, a near-epic struggle twisted forward and within and out of over a bitty 34 pages, the story of Poisonhorse shrieks, as the horse and the poison the narrator gives it and the bears and the rats and the lady in the cistern and etc. burrow their way into you, as you begin to see yourself as one of the severed heads in the bear’s belly, as what you thought to call love expands and then immediately bursts in your hands.

Check out pieces of Horse here and here. Get the Horse here.


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